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Lebanon Observes Day of Mourning After Deadly Sectarian Clashes

Other politicians also blamed the party for provoking the violence, which also wounded 30 people.

“You, Samir Geagea, were the first to know what happened yesterday,” Ibrahim al-Amin, the editor of the pro-Hezbollah newspaper Al Akhbar, wrote of the leader of the Lebanese Forces. He accused Mr. Geagea of planning, preparing and executing “a crime.”

But Mr. Gemayel said the root of the problem lay with Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah is using all its tools to control the state,” he said, including a move to “break and subjugate” the judiciary. “Everything that has been happening for weeks and months is an attempt to escape from the truth and from giving the victims their rights,” he added.

As funerals for the seven dead were held on Friday, mourners fired gun shots in the air, setting the city on edge again.

At the funeral for three of the victims, the head of Hezbollah’s executive council, Hashim Safi al-Din, led the prayers. He accused the Lebanese Forces of carrying out a “massacre.”

“The Lebanese Forces party aimed to cause a civil war again in Lebanon,” he said.

The mourners chanted and sang songs about the “martyrs,” as they were called, interspersed with the sound of heavy gunfire. Many carried flags in green, yellow and red that read “ya Abbas” and “ya Hussein,” names of revered martyrs in Shiite Islam.

At another funeral in southern Lebanon for Mustafa Mounir Zbeeb, a leader in the Hezbollah-allied Shiite Amal Movement, supporters of both parties carried the coffin on their shoulders as mourners chanted slogans about Moussa al-Sadr, an important figure in the Amal Movement revered by many Lebanese Shiites.

Asmaa al-Omar reported from Beirut, and Vivian Yee from Cairo.

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