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Scientists Fight a New Source of Vaccine Misinformation: Aaron Rodgers

The public health agency recommends that people with a known allergy to an ingredient in one of the mRNA vaccines not get those vaccines, but some scientists expressed skepticism that Rodgers truly had a known, documented allergy. Even if he did, he may have been eligible for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which relies on a different technology.

Rodgers also took aim at the N.F.L., almost daring the league to fine him. He claimed, for instance, that the league sent a “stooge” to the Packers’ training camp to “shame” the players into getting vaccinated. He said he did not follow some protocols, like wearing a mask when speaking with reporters, because he did not agree with them.

Like many star athletes, Rodgers has worked hard to shape his own narrative. But that can come at a cost, as the pushback to his comments has shown.

“The challenge for players now is it’s so easy for them to go on podcasts and tweet,” said Brad Shear, a lawyer who advises N.F.L. players on technology and social media. “I tell players to stay on script, have notes handy and when you get a tough question, deflect. His interview was like a car crash that got worse and worse.”

Though the league has no timeline for finishing its investigation, the blowback has been swift. Prevea Health, a health care organization in Wisconsin, ended its partnership with Rodgers the day after his interview went public. State Farm, which has employed Rodgers as a spokesman for years, said it did not support some of the statements Rodgers made (without specifying which), but that it respects “everyone’s right to make a choice.”

On Sunday, just 1.5 percent of all televised State Farm ads included Rodgers, compared to around 25 percent the previous two Sundays, according to data collected by Apex Marketing, which monitors and tracks national media and branding.

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