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Netflix workers plan a walkout as fallout over Dave Chappelle continues.

Mx. Pagels-Minor, who is 33 weeks pregnant, said they were one of the organizers of the walkout. Within hours of posting about the walkout on Thursday in a company Slack channel, Mx. Pagels-Minor said, they heard from their manager. Mx. Pagels-Minor was fired that day.

“I don’t have any ill will toward Netflix,” they said. “I want them to be successful, but the only way to succeed is to hold themselves to the values they expound.”

On Wednesday morning, a rally is scheduled for outside Netflix’s Los Angeles headquarters as “a kickoff” to the walkout, according to a social media post announcing the protest. The rally will include activists and public figures, and a “list of firm asks” will be sent to Mr. Sarandos, according to the post.

A Netflix software engineer, Terra Field, wrote a blog post on Medium on Monday detailing her “whirlwind” experience since posting a viral Twitter thread on Oct. 6 that said Mr. Chappelle’s special “attacks the trans community, and the very validity of transness.”

In the post, Ms. Field, who is transgender, said she was not asking that “The Closer” be removed from Netflix. Rather, she hoped executives would take concrete actions, including to “stop pretending that transphobia in media has no effect on society.” Ms. Field said she hoped Netflix would attach a warning to “The Closer” and other series on the streaming service that have been criticized as transphobic, and to promote “other queer and trans content after people consume that content.”

Of “The Closer,” Ms. Field wrote: “It doesn’t feel good to have been working at the company that put it out there. Especially when we’ve spent years building out the company’s policies and benefits so that it would be a great place for trans people to work.

“A place can’t be a great place to work if someone has to betray their community to do so,” she added.

There have already been several moments of tension between rank-and-file Netflix employees and top executives in recent days. At an emotional companywide meeting on Friday, several staff members asked tough and persistent questions of Mr. Sarandos about the special and the company’s response to the criticism of it.

Nicole Sperling contributed reporting.

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